VitreosHealth began with a mission to develop a powerful predictive analytics engine to revolutionize population health management. Over time we realized this focus was too narrow and began to consider how predictive and prescriptive analytics may lead to both quality healthcare and improved financial performance for healthcare organizations.

This journey has led us to develop an Advanced Population Health Analytics platform that leverages the broadest set of data sources including EHR, claims, HRAs, socioeconomic and well-being data for predictive risk and prescriptive care management that provides a complete view into the healthcare continuum.Our adaptive insights achieve a patient-centric focus for each perspective within a healthcare organization that leads to quality health outcomes and improves financial performance for measurable return on investment.

The result is the first Insights-as-a-Service delivery model for advanced population health predictive and prescriptive analytics that minimizes the investment in accessing Big Data for healthcare organizations. Today, our goal is to help transform the economics of health care with advanced population insights.