The fundamental shift in the healthcare landscape has incentivized hospital systems and medical groups to focus on Pay for Performance (P4P) by signing on to shared savings and risk contracts with private and public payers. Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) and Patient Centered Medical Homes (PCMH) are the two most common types of risk bearing entities headed by healthcare providers.

Regardless of the type of risk contract, most healthcare organizations that are engaged in P4P payment models face a multitude of challenges, especially when it comes to Data Analytics. The most common challenges that healthcare organizations face include:

In order to aid the adoption and success for these P4P payment models being undertaken by healthcare organizations, VitreosHealth has built the Next Generation Population Health Predictive Models in partnership with physicians and clinicians over the last 4 years. These models mine the latest provider EHR data along with claims, demographics and socioeconomic data. The Multi-dimensional interactive analysis tool helps analyze each patient's use of resources from multiple dimensions across the continuum-of-care, to determine the right patient attribution to a physician.

VitreosHealth also recognizes that quick turnaround and immediate ROI on the analytics solution is key to long-term success of Population Health Management programs. As a result, we have designed out of the box, quick turn around and low investment solutions to address the growing needs of risk bearing healthcare organizations. Please click on the following customized solutions to review detailed information about them.

As part of the commitment for your success, VitreosHealth offers risk based pricing thus aligning incentives between our customer organizations and us.

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What customers are saying about VitreosHealth’s Provider focused solution

“The VitreosHealth State-of-Health scores really allowed us to embrace the Principles of Accountable Care Organization and transform ourselves with a data-driven decision making process. Overall we were able to beat the market: For Outpatient Diagnostics, MCNT costs were up by 1.9% vs. Market up by 9.7%; and for Outpatient Surgeries costs, MCNT outpatient costs were up by 5.6% compared to the market at 15%.”
Karen Kennedy  - CAO, MCNT from 1998 to 2013



 "VitreosHealth (PSCI) has been a very important asset towards our Patient Centric Medical Home, their experience in collecting EMR data and population risk stratification is very critical in how our care coordination program works."
Dr.Murray Fox,  - CEO, Patient Physician Network