Lowering Medical Loss Ratios for Health Plans

The healthcare market has become more complex and Payers face huge challenges in the current environment:


VitreosHealth's recent customer research identified the top challenges in the current market environment:

  • Identifying at risk patients proactively
  • Decreasing ED encounters and readmissions
  • Minimizing Per Member Per Month (PMPM) costs
  • Limited financial resources for proactive Care Management and Utilization Management
  • Limited resources and experience to build and maintain predictive risk applications 

VitreosHealth's solution is a complete closed-loop analytics solution with applications that blend risk, cost and quality data to close gaps in care and improve financial performance.

VitreosHealth Solutions


  • Approximately 70% of hospital admissions can be predicted
  • Reduced hospital readmissions by 22%
  • Increased Member satisfaction by 3.3%
  • Reduced PMPM by 20%

J David Thompson,- SVP & COO, GlobalHealth Inc


VitreosHealth Value Proposition

Provide the source for adaptive insights into population health management to deliver meaningful outcomes.

  • Innovation

    A multi-dimensional adaptive insights engine with disease-specific predictive risk models that is unique to the healthcare ecosystem.

  • Partnership

    Our focus on responsiveness aligning with your goals ensures meaningful insights for your care management teams to deliver definitive results quickly.

  • Flexibility

    Delivery of an on-demand, full-service, Insights-as-a-Service solution. Your single solution that removes the hassle of implementing enterprise software.

  • Results

    Measuring success for consistent quality health outcomes and improved financial performance based on our “insights-view”. Our incentives are tied directly to our clients’ results.