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Physician Groups + Hospitals: Partnering to Manage Populations with Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics

Population Health Management is not a new concept. It has been in practice piece-meal predominantly driven by payers over the last 20 years with generally unsatisfactory results as measured in terms of managing the healthcare costs. The payer driven programs have delivered unsatisfactory results because they don’t leverage the accountability driven “Physician-Patient” relationship.

This webinar will describe the critical success factors to make these partnerships succeed in delivering results quickly. The speaker Karen Kennedy, will leverage her success growing Medical Clinic of North Texas from $5 MM to $125 MM in challenging market conditions, to address the issues relating to organizational dynamics and leadership challenges in aligning the performance goals.

Developed for provider organizations who have invested or plan to invest in Population Health Management programs. Whether your organization has the foundation needed to run a population health management program or not, this webinar will explore ways your organization can best manage your population and risks like only you can!

Key Learning Points:

  • How provider organizations can design, and rollout a multi-year Population Health Management (PHM) program that is specific to your population cohorts
  • What are the “pitfalls” to watch for in terms of organizational change management and leadership challenges and how to address them
  • How to use the right incentive systems to align and drive the performance towards the goals
  • A case study of a data-driven Population Health Management program in action with a focus on challenges, solutions and tools

Speakers Profile:

Karen Kennedy is currently the President of Kangent Consulting. From 1995 to 2012, She was the CEO Impel Management Services, LLC, a physician Management Company, and Chief Administrative Officer of the Medical Clinic of North Texas, P.A., a 142 member multi-specialty physicians' group with 43 locations throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Ms. Kennedy was the finalist of “2012 Ernst &Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year” award. Ms. Kennedy earned her undergraduate degree at UCLA and a Master's of Public Health degree from UCLA School of Public Health.

Jay Reddy is the CEO of Vitreos Health®, an emerging leader in predictive risk and prescriptive population management analytics. Prior to VitreosHealth, Jay was the CEO of MindFlow Technologies, a firm he founded with the vision of delivering operations productivity improvements for global 1000 enterprises through optimization-based decision support technologies. Under his leadership, MindFlow was ranked in the visionary quadrant by Gartner and ranked in the Top 100 emerging companies by ComputerWorld. Jay earned his MBA from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

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