PREDICTIVE & PRESCRIPTIVE Artificial Intelligence Driven IaaS PLATFORM

Why Build, When you have a Trusted Partner

“In recent years, HCIaaS has emerged to offer a faster, more efficient path to value.”

- Gartner, Hype Cycle for U.S. Healthcare Payers, 2017, 14 July 2017

Our IaaS platform was developed to leverage the broadest set of data sources available to help healthcare organizations make use of their Big Data from sources including EHR, claims, HRAs, socioeconomic and well-being data.

VitreosHealth Pattern Recognition, Deep Learning Analytical Framework

Our AI-driven platform provides these insights to both clinicians and administrators allowing them to identify and address care gaps within their patient population. Our adaptive insights achieve a patient-centric focus for each perspective within a healthcare organization that leads to quality health outcomes and improves financial performance for a measurable return on investment at every possible point of care and outreach.

Multi-dimensional adaptive insights

Our multi-dimensional adaptive insights platform with disease-specific predictive risk models is unique to the healthcare ecosystem. Each step of our closed loop population health process allows us to provide continuous insights with measurable results.


What we Deliver

Our Insights-as-a-Service (IaaS) offers a mechanism to gain the unique value of advanced analytics for a view at the individual consumer level without the requirements of large data sets, on premise integration of partner data sources, in-house data science talent, advanced analytics platform technology, or a decision hub architecture for putting predictions into workflow. We believe this is especially important to nimble and mid-size healthcare organizations because it drastically lowers the barriers to entry for advanced analytics (including AI), reduces the size requirement for many population health management use cases, and allows for less risky, more agile solutions at this early stage of the population health maturity cycle. Our solution brings advanced analytic predictions into the care management workflow for use cases that have high revenue impact, such as “mover analysis” to identify “Hidden” and “Needle-in-the-Haystack” opportunities, STAR/HEDIS Quality Optimization, Undercoding/Overcoding pattern recognition, and Out-of-Network analysis.

We offer an industry-first Population State-of-Health Analysis (SOHA) delivered within 45 days to identify health outcomes and  savings opportunities within an organization’s healthcare value delivery chain. In turn, we partner with our clients and offer an outcomes-based pricing model as part of our Insights-as-a-Service (IaaS) Delivery Model.


IaaS Value Proposition:

VitreoHealth's dedicated IaaS team operates as a domain expert, a trusted partner and extension of the customer team:

  • Provide “Intelligence” as a service
  • No need of BI analyst
  • No need of a Data Scientist
  • With VitreosHealth's Insights team, there is no need for external population health consultants
    • Knowledgeable about customer requirements and data insights
    • Understands and aligns with their customer executive population health goals
    • Transfer of knowledge from other "Best-in-class customers"
    • Is compensated based on customer outcomes

Vitreoshealth platform success factors

  •  ProprietaryPredictive Algorithms based on “Mover Pattern Recognition”
  •  LargestComprehensive Library of Disease specific Predictive Models
  •  Outcomes-BasedPricing Model
  •  Insights-As-A-Service (IaaS) Delivery Model
  •  Industry-FirstState-of-Health Analysis (SOHA) for program Development

We improve population health outcomes through innovative data warehousing, analytics, and improvement services.

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