• “One of the biggest obstacles we face at USMD is handling large amounts of data.  We leverage many systems, such as NextGen, Allscripts and others across our system.  The ability for them to aggregate that data in such a precise way is essential to meet our expectations for success. The way in which VitreosHealth approaches the data to glean powerful insights across our population of patients helps us to continuously improve patient care while lowering costs.”   

    image Michael W. Bukosky Chief Operating Officer, USMD Health System and President, USMD Physician Practice Management
  • “We have been pleased in our selection to work with VitreosHealth. They have proven adept at handling the large amounts of data we have across our system. Their ability to combine that data in order to provide the insights we require regularly has met expectations for success. VitreosHealth has helped us to understand our population of patients through powerful insights that helps us to continuously improve patient care while attempting to lowering costs.”

    image Dr. Roger Fowler Vice President Medical Director of Population Health at Christus Trinity Mother Frances
  • “I was blown-away when I saw Vitreos tools and the application of how we were able to use the data.”

    image Sheila Ware COO, Patient Physician Network (IPA)
  • “The Vitreos team has cut through the overly complex aspects of data analytics leveraging healthcare meta data - payer claims, provider electronic health record, and member socioeconomic elements and created a very sophisticated approach at providing actionable information to improve the cost, quality and service we provide our members. The most exciting part of working with Vitreos, is that we continually innovate and evolve to improve upon our approach to make healthcare better for the populations we serve." 

    image Dave Thompson SVP & COO, GlobalHealth Inc
  • “I whole-heartedly recommend VitreosHealth. With new payment models like ACOs, Bundled Payment and Value-based Purchasing, executives need to make many more decisions around health care to minimize cost, boost quality, and reduce risk.”

    image Steve Dobbs CEO, Merit Health System
  • “Vitreos provides the advanced population health analytics with no IT hassles….one of the best aspects is, it is innovation at a price point we can afford.”

    image Karen Kennedy President, Kangent Consulting, Inc
  • "What VitreosHealth customers are doing with self-insured employers is a game-changer. The care model focuses on physician-patient relationship, which is at the very heart of delivering high quality care. The gain-share incentive system directly links health care performance in terms of increasing employee productivity, lowering health care cost claims, and eliminating intermediaries from the relationship.”

    Dr. Eugene Schneller,
    Professor at the Arizona State University & Principal at Health Care Sector Advances, Inc.

    image Dr. Eugene Schneller, Professor at the Arizona State University & Principal at Health Care Sector Advances, Inc.
  • “VitreosHealth built an innovative performance improvement solution that helped us identify “non-intuitive” opportunities by analyzing the adverse cost variances and its root causes at a multidimensional level for the cardio and spine service lines. The solution brings in disparate cost and operational measures to understand the reasons behind economic outliers, physician preference items and device variation.”

    image Shannon Fiser VP Finance , Ardent Health System
  • "VitreosHealth created an incredible tool that opened our eyes to how we were managing the health of our own employee population. Our focus has been on lowering the cost of treatment and also promoting wellness within our organization. The Vitreos analytics and outreach platform have become strategic tools in our population health management initiatives.The fact that the solution is incredibly intuitive and tailored to our needs makes for an excellent user experience."

    image Stan Jonas , FACHE CEO, Alliance Community Hospital
  • “VitreosHealth brings what Clayton Christensen calls “disruptive innovation” to population health analytics. VitreosHealth’s “Insights-as-a-Service” takes cost and complexity out of predictive and prescriptive analytics – enabling small and medium sized healthcare providers and payers to improve outcome and reduce cost. I expect them to rapidly gain market share as larger health organizations abandon customized analytics for lower cost, more agile analytics as a service solution.”

    image Lynette Ferrara Principal, Booz Allen
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