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Company overview

VitreosHealth is the source for adaptive insights into population health management to deliver meaningful outcomes.

As a pioneer of Advanced Population Health analytics for Big Data, we leverage the broadest set of data sources including EHR, claims, HRAs, socioeconomic and well-being data for predictive risk and prescriptive care management.

We offer this through the first healthcare Insights-as-a-Service (IaaS) delivery model for population risk models, and predictive and prescriptive health insights for a complete view into the healthcare continuum. Each “insights-view” achieves a patient-centric focus from every stakeholder perspective within the healthcare organization that will contribute to quality health outcomes and improved financial performance.

VitreosHealth is changing the economics of healthcare for our clients. We do this through:

Our Vision

Transform health care economics with advanced patient and population insights. We contribute to provider & payer success through our strategy of:


A multi-dimensional adaptive insights engine with disease-specific predictive risk models that is unique to the healthcare ecosystem.


Our focus on responsiveness aligning with your goals ensures meaningful insights for your care management teams to deliver definitive results quickly.


Delivery of an on-demand, full-service, Insights-as-a-Service solution. Your single solution that removes the hassle of implementing enterprise software.


Measuring success for consistent quality health outcomes and improved financial performance based on our "insights-view." Our incentives are tied directly to our clients’ results.

Our Mission

Partnering with our clients for success in this changing marketplace

  • Enable significant reductions in PMPM through Quality Outcomes based on our Insights that maximize revenues resulting in dramatic decreases in Medical Loss Ratios
  • Serve innovative and powerful insights to help you succeed in transforming your system to value-based care in this changing healthcare environment
  • To lead in the analysis of patient population risk, generating and prioritizing the opportunities for better Performance, stimulating change, measuring important and achieving the highest results

We improve population health outcomes through innovative data warehousing, analytics, and improvement services.

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